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Innovative and sustainable products

hekoTech GmbH is specialized to provide state-of-the art IT based solutions with focus on the stone and glass industry. Based on innovative ideas, our intensive research and development leads to market-ready, competitive products.

With our deep understanding of each industry we focus on providing products that rely on unaltered processes of a fabricator or distributor. Without time consuming company internal changes we are providing fully integrated tools that allow our customers to stay competitive in today's fast and moving markets.

Digitizing and Measuring

  • Precise and fast solution to digitize field templates, generate CNC ready data or offer quality control for finished products with the Photo Templater.
  • Laser based measuring of kitchens or complete rooms direct on location with the LT-55XL laser measuring device.

Natural Stone Industry

  • Warehousing featuring automated Inventory control, remnant management, purchase management, minimum amount and quality control.
  • Optimized production with intelligent job preparation, automated scheduling and work paper generation.
  • Full control in job tracking from quote to delivery.

Glass Industry

  • Warehousing with minimum amount.
  • Production data based quoting.
  • Job tracking and generation of work papers for individual production processes.